The Final Countdown...

Good news on the Rapid Launch! front in that it should be released - THIS WEEK!

Typesetting and formatting of the 28 page PDF has been completed and all that is left to do is a photo shoot tomorrow before uploading to Wargame Vault. We have decided that whilst it is a 'lite' version of the main rules, it is still a quite substantial product so we will be charging a small amount for it, but we will ensure that purchasers can redeem this against the main rulebook when it is released later in the year.

As a teaser we thought we'd share the contents of Rapid Launch! with you...

Introduction: Khanopia: Empire of Misery, The League of Nations
Doughty Heroes & Sinister Villains: Roles, Statistics, Pros & Cons, Equipment, Squads, Leaders
To Action: Turn Sequence, Morale, Plot Twists
A Desperate Race: Terrain, Obstacles, Movement Types
The Battle Joined: Ranged Combat, Close Combat, Mental Combat
A Bold Attempt: Challenges, Types of Challenges
Some Flimsy Scripts: Perfidy in the Palace, Treachery, A Fate Worse Than Death
A Cast of Dozens: Character Biographies, Character Record Sheets, Heroes of the Space Navy, Villains of Khanopia

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  1. is there any indication when the larger rulebook wil be released?


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